Message from Angelica

Thanks to Angelica of for this lovely message and poem.

“I wanted to use it for something special, the payment I got for my first published story. And I found the very thing at the local Christmas Art Show: a painting by my favourite artist, Eveline Wallace. It was priced exactly right.

The actual title of this piece is “Snow”, but I call it “Peace Angel”. (I told Eveline about it, and she approves.) He’s such a cool dude, that angel. So I wrote a poem about him, and here it is – my Christmas greeting to you.”

Peace Angel


Knobbly knees
A Georgian frock coat
Spiked hair like he is
From The Rise of the Guardians
And on his bent arm
The dove.

Snow whirls around him
As he says without words

That peace
Is not saccharine sweetness
Or fluffy emotion

But power,
Fierce courage,
And strength.


Transmutation (Rebirth)

This sketch (pencil on canvas)represents the evolution
of mankind toward brinkmanship. The tiny printing under
the sketch (anthropocene) refers to the age where
mankind’s influence on the climate and environment
of the planet has been dominant.


Transmutation (rebirth) by Eveline Wallace


society says
and skills
are most
I think
it kills
must be
than that
I know people
who are
to speak
’cause they don’t
talk good
couldn’t write
any better
pretty bad
I had a friend
who killed himself
his people
were very
on his note
he misspelled
I wrote
on his headstone
George is dead
died and
gone to hell
’cause he
couldn’t spell